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Safety Shoes For Women

All major work boot manufacturers make safety shoes, including steel toe designs for women. In our selection of products, this includes leather safety shoes and women’s athletic safety shoes with a built in steel toe. Properties for these women’s safety shoes are no different than those for boots, with nearly all shoes in our selection… read more »

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Dress Shoes For Men

Men’s Dress Shoes Bring Refined Looks to Complete your Formal Outfit Finding the right dress shoes can be difficult without the right selection. Fortunately, with an incredible variety of men’s sizes, styles and prices, you will find shoe shopping to be an absolute breeze. Whether you’re looking for a new pair for a special event… read more »

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Under Armor Running Shoes

Run Indoors or Outdoors Whether you’re running on your own or with the whole family, you can find tough running shoes for everyone in this selection of running shoes from Under Armour®. With shock-absorbing midsoles and breathable mesh uppers, these Under Armour running shoes can help ensure a comfortable, enjoyable running experience. The rubber outsoles… read more »

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Old People Shoes

DISCUSSION Most of the elderly people studied had ill fitting footwear and an association was found between self reported pain score and ill fitting shoes, and an increase in ulceration. This observational study raises several questions. Firstly, it is not clear whether people with painful or ulcerated feet buy large shoes for comfort or that… read more »