how to draw shoes 1

How To Draw Shoes

Step 3: Marker Time!Show All Items Because I do ‘comic book style’ I like to outline everything that I just did in pencil in black marker. Besides the comic book feel I also think it makes the image pop. Plus if you’re worried about bleeding I’ve found that the black boundary helps prevent that.  However… read more »

leather tennis shoes 1

Leather Tennis Shoes

Women’s Athletic Shoes Go the Distance When it comes to athletic shoes, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all. Every activity requires its own special pair–with its own special fit–so make sure you’ve got the right one for all the things you love to do, whether you’re a marathon runner or a hiking fanatic. All of… read more »

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Merrell Shoes Women

About Merrell Merrell can trace its roots back to 1981 in Vernal Utah when Randy Merrell, a custom boot maker, joined up with outdoor athlete and enthusiast Clark Matis and John Schweizer in Waitsfield, Vermont. Crafting one boot at a time, the first custom Merrell boot cost over $500 with a six-month waiting period. Word… read more »

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Shoes Made In Usa

What is the old saying “Never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes”? Well I hope those are American Made shoes so that mile was walked in comfort. The cobbler has always been an important part of every community and everyone knew the cobbler. Now days most people have any… read more »

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How To Remove Gum From Shoe

Have you ever gotten gum on your shoe? I know I have, and it can be quite annoying, plus a bit gross to deal with.google_ad_client=”pub-2194995392836201″;google_ad_slot=”7096547789″;google_ad_width=336;google_ad_height=280; Here are some tips to make the process easier for you.When you first notice that first sticky step, try to stop and act as quickly as possible, if you can…. read more »

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Shoes For Heel Pain

Footworks Plantar Fasciitis – Heel Spurs – Heel Pain – Ask the Expert The Best Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Pain 1138 Sea Eagle Watch Charleston, SC 29412 843-795-6149 The Ultimate – Order Now Home About Us Ultimate Relief Our Guarantee Order Here Foot Conditions Blog Contact Us Cart What causes heel pain Our… read more »

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Nike Women Shoes

Women’s Nike Shoes Treat your feet to comfort and support when you slip on a pair of women’s Nike shoes. Fun colors and trendy designs combined with fantastic function and support make Nike shoes stand out as an excellent choice for althletics and leisure. We have a wide range of Nike shoes for women to… read more »

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Weight Lifting Shoes

Learn More About Men’s Weightlifting Shoes Selection Weightlifting Shoes for Men for Improved Stability The right weightlifting shoes offer support and stability, rep after rep. Looking for women’s weightlifting shoes? Shop styles that are as strong as your deadlift. And when it comes to your training, your weightlifting or squat shoes are among the most… read more »

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Floral Print Shoes

Jazz up your outfits with our fab floral shoes! Looking for a pair of vibrant boots to spice up your everyday jeans or fun flats to dress up a casual frock? From rose-printed wedges to daisy-adorned flats, our cute floral shoes are sure to add flair to your feet!Add a twist to your daily looks… read more »