Shoe Storage Ideas

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Shoe Storage Ideas

Hanging Storage A hanging shoe system makes it easy to find your favorite pair and saves space for other items in your closet. It fits perfectly on any door, so shoes are right at hand. Shoe Wheel Your shoe addiction may prevent you from finding a spot for all those pairs. Rakku Design’s shoe wheel can hold up to 30 pairs in its 20 expandable pockets. The design not only saves space, but shoes are just a spin away and easily accessible. Store Dirty Shoes A mudroom is a great place to store dirty shoes. Designate a bag for each family member to drop their shoes in right as they walk in the door, so they don’t track dirt inside the rest of your home. Open Shelving Take advantage of open shelving by placing shoes neatly in a row. Toni Hammersley of A Bowl Full of Lemons puts her kids’ shoes on shelving because she can fit several pairs and grab them quickly when she’s on the go. Hanging Storage System Give those extra wire hangers you have lying around a purpose by transforming them into a shoe storage apparatus. Savannah of Oh So Pretty the Diaries used pliers and yarn to turn wire hangers into a convenient way to hang her shoes. Clear Storage Bins Protect your expensive shoes from damage and dust with clear storage bins. To help identify them, take photos of your shoes and tape the photo to the front of each bin. Repurposed Baby Shoe Rack Bring new life to your old household items. Amanda of A Lovely Place to Land transformed an old wooden thread rack into a baby shoe rack. Display the rack on a dresser or mount it on a wall to save space. Wire Basket for Dirty Shoes Place a wire basket next to the door where family members can place their dirty shoes. Using a wire basket prevents buildup of dirt and mold — just place a mat under the basket for easy cleanup. Wall Storage Look to the wall if you’re out of closet space. The Shrine Shoe Rack, designed by Fernando Robert, displays shoes against the wall without taking up valuable floor space. The stainless steel rack gently holds just about every shoe type without damaging them. Under-Bed Storage Use the space under you bed to store your shoes. We all have pairs we don’t wear often, so keep them out of the way with a compact shoe organization system you can buy at most home goods stores.
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Shoe Storage Ideas

It is undoubtedly important for all of your shoes to be organized. Not only does keeping them in one central location keep your house or apartment clean and tidy, doing so will ensure you can find any pair you need at a moments notice. Everyone knows that shoe collections can easily get out of hand, especially if you have a large family. There are many shoe rack ideas available for you to select. Everything from do-it-yourself shoe racks to customized shoe cabinets. Whichever shoe storage ideas you choose consider not only their functionality, but also their home decor wow factor.
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Shoe Storage Ideas

How do you organize your footwear? You have shoes for work, shoes for play, shoes in the master closet, shoes in the mudroom. That’s why we offer so many different shoe storage solutions to help keep your shoes protected and well organized. Find some shoe storage ideas and inspiration at The Container Store!
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Shoe Storage Ideas

The storage ottoman is a tremendously innovative design that is efficient, space saving, and practical. The chest structure ensures that you are able to easily place and retrieve your shoes without any eyesore or too much floor space being taken up. Once you pack in all of your shoes, close the lid, and you have a comfortable shoe-storing bench. The biggest advantage of this model is that the shoes are out of sight but within easy access. This aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture is one of the best shoe storage ideas and is the perfect accent to any home.
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Your shoe collection, large or small, can make your home feel cluttered. Save space with these savvy shoe storage ideas to help keep your home organized.

For the ultimate space saving option and creative shoe rack ideas, go with the rollable shoe holder that fits right below your bed. You will be happy you did when you remember how much you used to trip with all of the shoes previously lying around. There is no better use of the wasted space under your bed than a stunning rollable holder. The amount that you are able to hold will vary with the size of your bed. Unfortunately, due to the height restriction, this kind of storage options only work with flats, heels and boots will need to be stored somewhere else. Your shoes will be just a pull under the bed away and out of sight the rest of the time.
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To add some class and taste to storing your sandals and closed toed shoes, purchase a footprint wire shoe rack. The design is unrivaled for its innovation and ability to securely keep your shoes in place. Many people choose to get several of these foot racks at a time, due to the extremely limited storage space. Houseguests will be marveled by the beauty and the functionality of your artsy wall shoe storage design. It is a little difficult to access your shoes once they are on the rack, so reserve the rack for less frequently used dress shoes.
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Remember the episode of “Sex and the City” where Carrie Bradshaw goes to look at apartments, and the only one she can afford has a tiny closet, and she’s like, but where do the shoes go?, and her agent is like, you get one of those racks that hang on the door, and Carrie is like, ew, no? Well, if you’ve ever been a renter, and you have more than two pairs of shoes, you’ve probably been there. The good news is, shoe storage doesn’t have to be ugly. We’ve searched the internet for the prettiest and most practical solutions for all your shoe storing needs.
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This option is a particularly innovative storage solution that hangs on your wall. Guests to your house will remark at the artwork that the shoes on your wall create. These shoe holders come in white, green, blue, pink, or you can even customize your own preferred color. You can store all of your sports or casual shoes that are not too high off the floor in a space saving and lovely device such as the adhesive shoe rack. Be very cautious with the way in which you store these shoes as any dirt left on them can mark your painted walls. If you prize easy access and aesthetics, this design is one of the best out there.
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Look to the wall if you’re out of closet space. The Shrine Shoe Rack, designed by Fernando Robert, displays shoes against the wall without taking up valuable floor space. The stainless steel rack gently holds just about every shoe type without damaging them.
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10-Compartment Canvas Hanging Shoe Organizer at The Container Store $14.99 This hanging shoe bag gets the OK from us because it’s wide enough for you to place your shoes side by side, instead of jamming them into a narrow cubby. This is a good solution for a really, reall small closet.
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Over-The-Door Shoe Rack, 36-Pair at Amazon $23.72 If you must embrace the necessary evil that is the over-the-door shoe rack (sorry Ms. Bradshaw!), this is the least offensive option. It doesn’t look terrible (no vinyl pockets here), and you can squeeze a lot of shoes onto this sucker in a little bit of space.
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Combining space saving efficiency and easy access, the shoe cabinet folio is perfect for space saving and access to your most frequently used pairs of shoes. Guests that come over to your house will be fooled into thinking that this is an ordinary cabinet for clothes, but instead it is an expandable shoe shelf. Keep the less frequently used dress shoes on the bottom rows and casual everyday shoes at the top. Be careful to avoid any dirt building up in the different folios, as cleaning out the different levels can be challenging.
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These wooden shelves come together to form a functional wooden shoe rack. Compared with other models, these shoe racks have a natural wood finished look. This model is ideal for people that have hardwood floors or a lot of wooden furniture. If you ever get bored of putting your shoes there, you can always store other items around the house and not miss a beat. This choice is ideal for those on a limited budget as they can be built instead of bought. While it might not be the most space-efficient model on the market, this style will leave your guests envious.
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When you are attempting to organize your shoes, in your closet, in the most efficient way possible, get a rolling shoe cabinet. If you have a walk-in closet but not enough space to fit all of your shoes in a cubby or something similar, a rolling shoe cabinet is a perfect solution. The metal bars in each level will make sure that everything from men’s dress shoes to women’s heels will be sufficiently supported. After you have chosen the correct pair, all you have to do is take it off the rack and push the cabinet completely out of view.